Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pierre Spiess

I took shots of giant Pierre Spies. I did his shots and other photographers shot other rugby giants in different provinces. The guys at SA Rugby put it all together into one shot.

RMD Kwikform

The folks at RMD Kwikform do scaffolding for a living. And they like it!

More montagu

Masterchef Deena Naidoo

What a pleasure to work with Deena Naidoo of Masterchef fame. His restaurant Aarya at Montecasino serveds divine cuisine.


Isabella is my sisters daughter. She is 18 Months old. She has our whole family all mushy inside.

Nelson Mandela

Jacques Muller  did this bust of Nelson Mandela. It is the only granite sculpture of Nelson Mandela in existence as  far as I know.

Montagu Holiday

Light Kinetics

Light Kinetics does LED lighting for huge companies. I shot this at the new pick and Pay close to Cresta mall.

Gulland and Gullan

I took these portraits of Michael Gullan at Gullan&Gullan for Highbury Safika Media. They have a whole stable full of magazines. From Sa Rugby and Sa Cricket, to Mining Decisions and Cape ETC, Africa Decisions, AA Traveller and more.


I shot the new boardmembers of Beige Holdings for Change the  Conversation. Here's an example;

All the pretty horses