Friday, June 17, 2011

stuff and stuff

I just wanted to update with some of my work. The pink book is by Sunel Veldtman who wrote Manage your money, Live your dream. I did the author shot for Tafelberg.
Then you'll see a black and white shot. This was done for Property magazine of designer...oops, i forgot. some famous designer from Joburg. my bad.

Then there's a shot of Elton John when he was in ZA. I shot it for the South African Press Association.

Then you'll find copy that I did for Sashka Rappl from Flamebox Consulting in Switzerland. The website was designed by the rad guys from Soak.

Also you'll see some cocktail shot I did for GQ magazine of Africa Lounge at the State Theater. And then a shot of Fokofpolisiekar that I did years back but just wanted to share again.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mix and Match

The Mix and Match website has finally gone up.
Check them out here
And here are some shots I did from them. I sommer screengrabbed it off of their site.