Thursday, October 9, 2008

Louis Minnaar

I know this guy called Louis. He's kinda quiet. after a whole long time i find out he's actually THE Louis Minnaar whose art i've admired for a long while.
So i shot some work for him for a movie called "everything but the sky" that he is busy shooting. then i took the opportunity to do a few portraits of him.
he's the man in the black and white portrait - looking all serious.
and then i actually caught him laughing in one shot where he was standing on his bed.
the other shot of the very office-worker looking type is for the movie.
hope you likes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

fsHn, i mean it

Hey, long time no post (lika always). thought i'd update with some fashion portraits i recently shot.
da lady with the 7up in her hand is Julien Snyders and shot against the white backdrop is Elena Pappas.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All is peaChy!!

Hey, finally Peach posted the shots i took of him on his Facebook page, so now it's time for me to post. Yesterdays Pupil is launching the album soon, and these shots are for that.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pretoria East Hospital

I was ill. i need sleep. i am alive again. thank you God for sending Dr. Lewis and Dr. van der Merwe. and for answering prayers. and Anna the nurse who loved me even though i was scared.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

US of A documentary

So, a year has gone by since my visit to the states and in the light of all the traveling i've been doing for Mooiloop, i decided to post shots from the first article i did for them. This was on a visit to my brother in the USA. the rodeo shots were taken at the annual Mission Viejo Rodeo in California and the landscape was shot in Yosemite national park.
be on the lookout for something bigger to come from all my traveling work. (all this work is copyrighted so paws of)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the street

Some of you have heard about the project that i have been shooting with homeless guy Johan Theart. Well the project with him has turned into so much more than expected. Firstly Johan, who has been on the street for 8 years, is not homeless any more. A church called Westview Methodist Church decided to take him under their wing and gave him a place to stay. He is also working for them and sorting out his life at the same time. It is insane how much someone can change if given the opportunity. Well the project turned into something that started encompassing the whole neighborhood and with up to 200 homeless people sleeping in Wierdapark every night, i have started taking pics of other people as well. Here are two pics. One of Johan and another shot. As Johan changes i will keep shooting with him an hope to bring you a whole series some day in the future.

A liitle bit more east of Cape

Mooiloop is on the shelves and here is some of the work i did for the article in Dordrecht. I'm focusing more on portraits these days when i shoot for them. I'm thinking a lot about what makes a good portrait and till some burst of creativity hits me (which may well never happen) I will shoot straight-forward portraits like this. As always the work is corprighted to Mooiloop. The man at the taxi is Joe Motele and the old man in the overall is Wellington Damane. Damane is the overseer at the cemetery in Jamestown and when i was speaking to him i called him 'Oom' all the time. i don't know why.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The smallest seed

Here are some musician portraits that recently appeared in issue 11 of One Small Seed. Knowing that my shots were gona appear in One Small Seed was freakin nerve-wracking, but working with the musicians was rad. One Small Seed used 5 shots. I posted some more and different versions, but you get the jist. Journo Amelia Burger made me sound like the pope. I haven't met her (we talked over the phone and through emails) but for the month of July she is my favourite person. Photos are of Jacob Israel (with helmit), Alexaeva (against white wall), Jaco Mans from Tidal Waves (smoking da cigarette), Jon Savage from Cassette (holding the water gun and officialy a mad man), Ajax (with the trophee in the park) and Mel from Tailor (in da field).
Thanks 2 all.

Monday, May 26, 2008

East of Cape

i recently went to the Eastern Cape on a job for Mooiloop magazine (they used to be called Wegbreek) and decided to shoot some private work as well. Here are some of the shots i got. I will upload the work i did for them as soon as the magazine hits the shelves.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Surfs Up

The next issue of Wegbreek magazine has hit the shelves and here are some shots of a story i did with journalist Carie Maas. we were taught how to surf by Hugh Thompson, ex-circuit surfer, and owner of African Surf Rider magazine(seen on the tip of his longboard in one of the shots). he and Shaun Hague had their hands full with me and Carie trying to learn the skills. like all work i do for Wegbreek it was a lot of fun and the people we met like, Shaun, Hugh and Kim of Vulamanzi made me love the job even more. (all images copyrighted to Wegbreek magazine)

My Coke Fest 2008

Coke Fest 2008 at the New Market Race Course in JHB, was a crazy, muddy affair with 46 000 people. i once again realised how removed one feels when you have a camera between you and the action. Muse, 30 seconds to Mars, Kaiser Chiefs, Korn, Chris Cornell and Good Charlotte played and it all felt like i wasn't even there. It was kinda crazy with people passing out from exhaustion all over the show cause they didn't want to give up their spots in the crowd. Thus, heat+dehydration+alcohol=good bye Kansas.
O yeah, Paris Hilton was also there. and Here's a shot of her filming her boyfriend.