Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dziękuję Ola

So, Ola and i went out with two flashes and a car full of smiles and hit the local cafe about a kilometer from my house.
Ola is super easy to work with so my job was easy.
Most of the shots have two off-camera flashes directly to Ola's right and left. The background is underexposed by about two stops.
While we were shooting some guys came out of their house and just sat on the sidewalk 'observing' the shoot. How weird. Ola handled it super cool and the weirdness of it disappeared after a few bad Borat jokes from the both of us.
I think this might just be my personal favourite shoot so far this year.
One problem though. Look at the top picture (it's all warm) and then the rest (quite cold). i Struggle with editing. Do i warm up the pics, add saturation, cool it down or desaturate. I don't know. At the moment i like a cold look where the skintones are slightly desaturated.
Anyways, that's me for now.
I hope i can do another fun shoot like this soon.
Do widzenia

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