Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tuks Rag

So Alet, Waldo and Michel Bega (he'll be shooting for the Citizen soon) and me shot Tuks Rag. It was like every year - drunk students and music. Two thing however were different. For one i started feeling my age this year. It was like i couldn't associate with students like i always do. Two, there was no mud. Must be global warming or something, 'cause the usual mud-party didn't go on.

International act OK GO played, but to me the ZA music was much better. One of our group of photographers commented that if they have to shoot Parlortones again they'll vomit, i felt much the same. But then when Parlortones started we all kinda started shooting and loved their music. What is it that makes us always like them?

Fokofpolisiekar were the main act and i think that there were 10 000+ people that watched them. I couldn't get any nice shots of them, partly because i was shooting pics of security trying to stop the barriers from breaking. You could hear the screws pop every now and then. Security were really straining. And that was it, we photographers left before the end 'cause we wanted to miss all the drunken traffic. So that's it. Music and drunk students. Some things never change. (p.s. All these shots belong to Beeld, so hands off!)

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