Thursday, October 9, 2008

Louis Minnaar

I know this guy called Louis. He's kinda quiet. after a whole long time i find out he's actually THE Louis Minnaar whose art i've admired for a long while.
So i shot some work for him for a movie called "everything but the sky" that he is busy shooting. then i took the opportunity to do a few portraits of him.
he's the man in the black and white portrait - looking all serious.
and then i actually caught him laughing in one shot where he was standing on his bed.
the other shot of the very office-worker looking type is for the movie.
hope you likes.


Chris Wessels said...

Love daai Corporate shot, nice finish en hou van die grittyness in jou shots!
P.S.Ons moet hang dude!! Net 'n reminder!

travelgal said...

hey there! I didn´t know how else to contact you because u gave us this link when u took our pictures at the tidal waves show at tings'n'times in september! I would love to see those pics could u by any chance e mail them to me ( that would be really really nice!!! thx so much!!!