Friday, June 17, 2011

stuff and stuff

I just wanted to update with some of my work. The pink book is by Sunel Veldtman who wrote Manage your money, Live your dream. I did the author shot for Tafelberg.
Then you'll see a black and white shot. This was done for Property magazine of designer...oops, i forgot. some famous designer from Joburg. my bad.

Then there's a shot of Elton John when he was in ZA. I shot it for the South African Press Association.

Then you'll find copy that I did for Sashka Rappl from Flamebox Consulting in Switzerland. The website was designed by the rad guys from Soak.

Also you'll see some cocktail shot I did for GQ magazine of Africa Lounge at the State Theater. And then a shot of Fokofpolisiekar that I did years back but just wanted to share again.


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