Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ola Ola

So, here's a new font cause i'm bored. Well Saturday morning at 11 i'm lying on my bed snoozing cause i shot the Joburg One Small Seed party till after 2 in the morning and i'm tired, and the phone rings. "Hello!"
A girls' voice says, "Dude, i'm here".
And i'm like "huh, whose this".
And it turns out to be Ola Kobak. She asked me to take photos of her, similar to the one's i took of Malgosia, but i'd completely forgotten she was coming over. So uhh, throw on some jeans, T-shirt (forgot to brush them thar teeth) and set up the flash. O yeah, i'd also forgotten some of my gear at Carfax where the One Small Seed party was, so i end up with just one flash. But it works out fine. I've known Ola for a couple of years, but never really spoke to her. You know, just the whole "how are you?" at parties kinda thing. But she ends up sitting with me while i'm editing the shots and we talk about everything. So it was a cool day. Thanks Ola!!

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