Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Small Seed

Well, here's the One Small Seed party shots i spoke about. It was at Carfax in JHb. Max Normal TV and aaaahhh, i can't remember the other bands name, performed.
Now that sucks, why can;t i remember their name. i even a tune from them in my head, na na nata da da... Well with my next update i'll let you know. The party was good. Max normal was insane, his public commentary really gets me going and the fact that he has a positive attitude is cool. The designer crowd was obviously looking all chic and stuff. One Small Seed is really a good thing for the media industry, it's a cool platform for everyone and i think one can learn a lot by just looking at the magazine. Anyways, that's it. the party was good, the music cool and even though the lighting was scary-dark i think i did ok.

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Monique said...

Hey everyone, jus wanted to tell all of the great night out hosted by onesmallseed at carfax,where I had the pleasure of meeting Gerhard! WOW! the pics are fantastic! Just by the way, the band that performed, go by the name, 'New Academics' and Dj from the Uk is 'Charles Large'.Great night out in the heart of Jozi!-Monique