Friday, November 23, 2007

'Two Small Seed'

Thanx to Monique for pointing out that the other band was the New Academics. They are crazy. The photo of the tattooed arm is that of one of the New Academics guys. His arm. That belongs to him. On the photo below. If you scroll down. To see it. The photo of his arm. That has a tattoo on it. Below. OK that's it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Small Seed

Well, here's the One Small Seed party shots i spoke about. It was at Carfax in JHb. Max Normal TV and aaaahhh, i can't remember the other bands name, performed.
Now that sucks, why can;t i remember their name. i even a tune from them in my head, na na nata da da... Well with my next update i'll let you know. The party was good. Max normal was insane, his public commentary really gets me going and the fact that he has a positive attitude is cool. The designer crowd was obviously looking all chic and stuff. One Small Seed is really a good thing for the media industry, it's a cool platform for everyone and i think one can learn a lot by just looking at the magazine. Anyways, that's it. the party was good, the music cool and even though the lighting was scary-dark i think i did ok.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Music in the making

i was just thinking, i've been doing music photography for so long but haven't posted any work yet. Here are some shots, they're old but this is what i've been doing for the past three years (thanks Alet!).
I shot some cool stuff at The One Small Seed party, hopefully i can post some of it soon.

Ola Ola

So, here's a new font cause i'm bored. Well Saturday morning at 11 i'm lying on my bed snoozing cause i shot the Joburg One Small Seed party till after 2 in the morning and i'm tired, and the phone rings. "Hello!"
A girls' voice says, "Dude, i'm here".
And i'm like "huh, whose this".
And it turns out to be Ola Kobak. She asked me to take photos of her, similar to the one's i took of Malgosia, but i'd completely forgotten she was coming over. So uhh, throw on some jeans, T-shirt (forgot to brush them thar teeth) and set up the flash. O yeah, i'd also forgotten some of my gear at Carfax where the One Small Seed party was, so i end up with just one flash. But it works out fine. I've known Ola for a couple of years, but never really spoke to her. You know, just the whole "how are you?" at parties kinda thing. But she ends up sitting with me while i'm editing the shots and we talk about everything. So it was a cool day. Thanks Ola!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some off-camera flash

So, I haven't updated the blog for quite a while, but here are some portraits I took this month. Hopefully I'll be editing the blog again soon. The images were all taken with of camera flash a la strobist style.