Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The smallest seed

Here are some musician portraits that recently appeared in issue 11 of One Small Seed. Knowing that my shots were gona appear in One Small Seed was freakin nerve-wracking, but working with the musicians was rad. One Small Seed used 5 shots. I posted some more and different versions, but you get the jist. Journo Amelia Burger made me sound like the pope. I haven't met her (we talked over the phone and through emails) but for the month of July she is my favourite person. Photos are of Jacob Israel (with helmit), Alexaeva (against white wall), Jaco Mans from Tidal Waves (smoking da cigarette), Jon Savage from Cassette (holding the water gun and officialy a mad man), Ajax (with the trophee in the park) and Mel from Tailor (in da field).
Thanks 2 all.

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