Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A liitle bit more east of Cape

Mooiloop is on the shelves and here is some of the work i did for the article in Dordrecht. I'm focusing more on portraits these days when i shoot for them. I'm thinking a lot about what makes a good portrait and till some burst of creativity hits me (which may well never happen) I will shoot straight-forward portraits like this. As always the work is corprighted to Mooiloop. The man at the taxi is Joe Motele and the old man in the overall is Wellington Damane. Damane is the overseer at the cemetery in Jamestown and when i was speaking to him i called him 'Oom' all the time. i don't know why.


Michel B├ęga said...

Incredible skies, how do you get them to be so punchy?

Ronel said...

Uys,jou fotografie het totally brilliant geraak! Very impressed!!