Saturday, October 6, 2007

PORTRAITS (all work copyrighted)

So, portraits. I really love taking photos when the human element is present. I always looked at other photographers work and thought, "I wish I could do that". Then along comes My Week and suddenly the opportunity is there and I'm thinking, "I can do this". So, a lot of these shots were taken within the last week, cause I wanted to give you new and fresh work.

What you see is the beginning of my new approach to portraits.

I hope you like! (And, who are these people? Uschi Dahlman, lawyer and part owner of the art gallery
Platform on 18th, is holding the light. If you are ever in

Pretoria, go visit the gallery and meet her. She'll have you laughing in no time. Inge Beckmann from the group Lark is the one looking into the media tent at Oppikoppi music festival. This isn't really a commercial photograph, but I love the shot. Photographers can't keep their lenses of her. Then there's Taso Kripharis, owner of the Coffee shop Yes, this is a shot that I did for My Week. The fireman's name I can't divulge unfortunately. But I like how brave he looks. Mel is the girl wearing pink. She is the lead singer of the band Tailor.

I've never worked with someone as photogenic before. Next is Blue Bulls rugby player Francois van Schouwenburg looking into the Pretoria skies.

I shot some pics of him for a Perfect Weekend and then called him up afterwards and asked him if he'll pose for
portfolio shots.
Elena is the

model showing off the blue dress made by St. Lorient.
The man with the mountain bike is Loerie winner and owner of design company Soak Productions, Gerhard Human.

(And yes, he'll rather be mountain biking.)

So, now you know their names. I hope the photographs say something of their character.